BOX Calf

BOX calf has been known as the pinnacle of cowhide since it was developed in the late 19th century.The calf is originally characterized by beautiful skin eyes, but i carefully select the leather with less scratches that have better skin eyes among them, and finish it into box calf.

Imported from France, this leather is decorated with chrome. As a result, it has the flexibility and elasticity peculiar to the calf, and by applying the mold press to the surface at high temperature, the surface of the leather is tightened, the scratch is hard to stick, it is hard to cut off, and the water is not soaked easily.
By pushing the mold of the water shibo shallowly, the light reflects wildly, and it becomes the expression with a luster and depth peculiar to BOX calf. By carefully processed, the color gradually gradually increases the luster, creating further dignity.

Box calf navy is the original color of the Brooklyn Museum, which was finished with the heart that i want to match to Weston's loafers at the beginning of production. Now it becomes debt stock leather, and it is a little substitute of the place to leave. This BOX calf is finished with a unique dress that can never be put out in the current original skin state, and the dyeing technology with a sense of transparency. In order to make the most of the gloss and elegance, stitching is created in the same color, making the material itself stand out even more.

The more you use aging, the more the gloss settles down and you can feel familiar with yourself. It is leather to give an impression of the expression that was [dignified] in various scenes.

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[BOX calf]
Inner fill card case
color: Navy
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SKU: 520352NV



Product code: 520352NV

Leather: [Front / Middle] BOX calf (cowhide)

[Interior] Original soft leather (cowhide)

Color: Navy

Size: length 7.3 x width 11 (unit: cm)

Country of origin: Made in Japan

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