[Gloss Code Ban]
Smart coin case
Color: Tan
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A coin case that everyone is surprised at that minimal sizing.
Finish a small size to fit in the coin pocket of the pants, while finishing it to a small size, and it is a storage capacity that contains 20 sheets including 500 yen coin. The type of coin case is largely opened, and the type of coin can be stored upright, the type of coin is clearly easy to see and smart at the time of accounting.
Even while cashing is in progress, there are scenes that need coin yet. "What you have, it is a minimal, good use" It is a product that makes such a thought true.

Smart coin case
Birth story

Everyone is amazing minimum size
Reasons for new normal

LEATHER [Gloss Code Van]

Code van named from many of the Cordoba regions in Spain. It is a leather that consists of a special fever that is super scattered as a "Cordovan layer" that can only be taken at the buttocks of agricultural horses.
It is said that "rareness can not be seen in other leather" and can only be adopted from one farm horse.
A point that is clearly different from normal leather is to use the back side of the skin as main. By smoothing the back side, it is special processing that can be used as a surface by smoothing the back side. This technology is a technology that has been acquired only in a worldwide tanna that can be done in any tanna.

The process of carefully cutting out the "Codeban layer" from the leather table and the back, the process of carefully cutting from the rhinothy can not be called "Code van", so it is very delicate and excellent craftsman skills It is produced by. This work process is also called "leather diamond" because it is similar to the mining of gems. In recent years, since the more stores handled in Europe have increased, the leather that can be imported into Japan decreases. The rareness is increasing year by year.
Brooklyn's Codeban is characterized by having a plenty of oil from general code vans, making it difficult to have a refreshing strength and firmness.
Even if it has a slight scratch, no underland has come out, and after the year, the unique dull brilliance increases, and it becomes stronger in friction and water as it is used, and a cord van who hides the attractiveness that is familiar with hand.
It is also a value that can be a life that can be a lifetime because it has a double three-fold strength compared to beef leather.


Part number



[Table] Gross Code Ban (Horse Leather)
[Interior] Yamato (beef leather)


[Table] Tan
[Interior, Stitch] Yellow


Vertical 4.5 × width 8.2 (unit: cm)

country of origin


Color variation






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