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Indigo dye

Indigo dyeIndigo dyeing

A color colored by the balance between blue and purple.
As Japan Blue, there are many fans in the world.

BROOKLYN MUSEUM's indigo dyeing leather is finished by Tokushima Prefecture's designated intangible cultural property "Awa Masayo Ai Dye".
Instead of chemical dyes, we met us who were particular about this "Japan Blue" in a workshop that has been protecting traditional crafts as a cotton fabric Oromoto since its founding. Thin dyeing has been a completely different know -how, tanning, dyeing, squeezing, and finishing, all methods have been discussed for many years, and indigo -dyed leather has finally been born.

We do not use any chemical dyes, but only dye with the power of surviving nature.

Awa's indigo used in the Awa Masami Dyeisha is a plant of the family family.
It is dyed with a solution of indigo dyeing using high -quality "Sukumo" (fermented indigo). It is green immediately after dyeing due to natural lye fermentation, but it is oxidized and changes blue by touching the air.

It is a natural dye that does not dye at once.
A bright blue that emerges by spending time and effort to the indigo "mood".

In the dyeing process, there is a process of loosening leather fiber, which makes it soft to fit into the unique hand of indigo dyeing.
The oxidative dyeing method expresses its unique color and subtle uneven feeling.

Ai and leather are life full of energy.
It made me realize that the uniform feeling of uniform is a natural beauty.

The goodness of indigo dyeing is that it is not only a texture but also a sustainable dyeing method.
It is a natural proof that you can touch the dye with your bare hands.

Craft Manship has been snuggling up to the environment for hundreds of years.
Yellow spice in Japan Blue.
It is of Brooklyn Museum.

How to Care

We recommend Colonil 1909 Supreme Cream Deluxe.

First, remove dust or dirt that cannot be seen in brushing, then remove a small amount of cream on a soft cloth and apply it to leather products evenly.

After applying, brush it and remove excess cream and make it gloss.

Please wipe dry with leather gloves for finishing.
At this time, be careful not to wipe too much, as it may take away the oil of the leather.
The frequency of care depends on the condition, but please go once a year.

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Leather Care Products

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  • Because of the natural dye, the color of the color changes little by little depending on the growth of the indigo every year and the state of the dye during the dyeing time. Therefore, please note that there is a difference between images and colors.
  • Depending on the location of the leather, tigers (wrinkles on the neck) and white dots in pores may remain. Please be assured that this is the characteristic of leather and is not a scratch.
  • We try to reproduce the actual product as much as possible, but depending on your monitor or PC environment, there may be differences in the appearance of the color. Please understand in advance.


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