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Instead of chasing the epidemic, I feel that "I am a strong determination of Kore" so I feel that a heart is attracted to a similar adult.

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Mr. Kondo Hidenori
UOC: University of Creativity Field Director Creative Producer)


A high-artistic wooden building located in a quiet residential area of ​​the truth. This is the home of Mr. Kondo Hidenori who will practice a sustainable and enjoyable living "Urbumer Multure" while in the city. An open life that values ​​the community with the neighborhood. An open house that actively performs events and gallery displays, and a different way of living in a modern life. What is that thought? What kind of life do you live? I will approach the life of Mr. Kondo.

-What do you spend in the morning?

Mr. Kondo (below): I stopped living habits from this year and I stopped eating breakfast. In the morning, we changed the smoothie with soy milk and banana, mango, spinach, etc. to the mixer and changed the lunch so as not to eat. Mainly the health and environmental reasons.

And after drinking smoothies, it is routine to meditate while having a coffee on the edge side. I am learning the tea ceremony now, but it is also a tea ceremony, a roots of Haudani and calligraphy, and it is the basis of Japanese 's beauty. I think that it is a hung aerial, flower, various tea and tea, tea and tea confectionery, and it is a huge cure. I looked for a teacher nearly 10 years and happened to be a good person in the neighborhood, so I started going from last year.

Even when you have a coffee, it will be brewed while slowly turning the kettle to see the ocean with the image of the tea ceremony. If you look at the plants grown in the garden, Ageha butterfly flying and feels happy that the ecosystem is getting rich in a small garden (laughs). Such a sense is opened, and the voice of the bird's voice, the train, and the voice of the kid playing in the near elementary school will be heard. That's why the sense of sharpness is given, "Yoshi! I will do it today!" I feel that I will go to work.

Near: Stones and chairs in this garden are almost picked up. We take care of using some without buying new things as much as possible. This table also had extra woods on the legs of the table used before, and the outer wall and flooring of the house also use wood that has been a member of Tokyo and the triple of a third-sized product with a friend involved in forestry. increase. I would like to change the flow that the forest has been roughly rough without being used too much Japanese wood. The interior was also filled with pate, or it was a manual, manually with friends, too, and coating diatomaceous earth.

━ 作 Make everything from Ichi with yourself and friends. It is a big task, but it seems that there is a penalty.

Near: That's right, the house seems to be buying as a "product", but if the part can be DIY as much as possible. Blanco created in the living room is also dirty with the footprint, so the daughter gets kicks the wall and it will be dirty with the footprint, but I will make it beautiful and clean every year. It will be white if you paint dirt around the switch by yourself.

Near: In the old days, the walls of the Japanese family and the like were also doing so. Until the Edo period, it was natural to fix it by oneself. It was a house, and I was making cooperation with everyone in the village. Even as a daughter's education, I would like to take care of such things, and I am helping variously, such as paint and shelving.

~ It is a chair that looks good. Do you like?

This is a chair with a Brazilian designer called BKF Chair. Basics for furniture, I'm not going to make money, but I wanted to buy it for a long time, so buy about one! I thought.

Others, sofa and grandma's older, and the bench was also DIY, and just the table was built on the tables of the outer wall, just on the table you used. If you buy dining tables at the furniture shop, I think that there should be hundreds of thousands of yen, but I was able to brush the wood that was rolling to the timber shop and put on the iron leg. If you do it yourself, you will also love you.

A big picture decorated by the study was a part of the exhibition work in the solo exhibition "Free Camel", which previously made smoking and freedom theme.

-In the leaving room who climbed the stairs is a study. It is enshrining the cooler as much as possible to make the airflower like an old-fashioned Japanese house.

Near: Yes, now because the club is really dangerous. When everyone uses a cooler, it will be a heat island, so I made it with the facilities team of "house without air conditioner". Integing the wisdom of the old Nagaya, the warm wind is coming out. In fact, Kyomachi Nagaya also went to visit, but however, how to go through the wind of the old house, no air conditioning, and to get such wisdom to a modern house.

However, the old house was a device to make it easy to spend summer, but it was cold in winter. There was a heat insulation material, and the winter is warm, and summer shielded the solar radiation with an old-fashioned or bite, and the wind was made to pass firmly.

━ なる I see. Even so, there are a lot of books. It is placed around the house.

Near: Almost, I feel like I'm reading a breath (laughs). I read it to study by theme as an input to work mainly for work. Recently, it is a circular economy, sustainable cities and sdgs. In the immediate vicinity, we have read the joint editor's chief on the UOC website, so read the "Living in Life". I read about 10 books in the month. Once, the book on this shelf is almost read (laughs).

ー There is a vegetable garden on the roof. I heard that I did a performance event in the past.

Near: That's right, I did an event that interacts through home and sounds and dance improvisation with Artist Hanamatsamir and Dancer. The vegetable garden has made it with DIY when the first emergency declaration of last year, and is now doing a project called "TOKYO URBAN FARMING" "TOKYO, to be a forest to eat". In collaboration with various companies and NPOs, let's create an environmental regenerative lifestyle with everyone in the field of Yamanote Line and the roof.

It's the same as the story of the house, but not only buying food, let's make everything as much as possible. Consumers think that they should be the first step in the sense that they will be making them. It is safe because it does not use pesticides if vegetables that grow up their own, and it is good to be an entrance to regain relationships with nature even in the city.

Also, I would like to have a sauna now and I want to make a sauna and a water bath on the rooftop in the near future. Since the scenery from the roof is good, it is a psycho to the outside air bath.

地 下 Underground is a gallery.

Near: Yes. It is a gallery, table tennis, makes a miso, and it uses variously. Just before corona, I had a solo exhibition of a photographer that was 88 years old, such as Hirosuke Soi, who was active in New York in the 70's. I did not know at all until I went to Nagano Prefecture, but I was able to take a lot of legendary celebrities such as Salvador Dali, Warhole and Madonna before debut, so the episode at the time of shooting was too interesting, so I want to hear more. A photo critic Age and the oldest age of 89 years old this year? I also did talk events.

-The work of the main business is director of the University of Creativity in Hakudo. How are you roughly?

Near: After CM planner, we have been involved in branding such as companies, local governments and art festivals in various industries as creative director, and we will continue director of creativity research institutes established in Hakuhodo since last year Is.

UOC says "social sculptures" and takes into a susceptible society, creating a talk session or seminar, across various companies, administration, designers, scientists, artists and other areas. We are promoting the project.

-Fention that the life of work and the life introduced this time were consistent.

Near: That's right. At home, it feels like I'm experimenting with the sustainable and rich life of the city. Do not use the air conditioner as much as possible, use Japanese forests as much as possible, and keep in mind that they do with DIY without buying it as much as possible, and work together with friends doing forestry, and make a house while making them together, I hope that you should share variously with friends with the same consciousness.

━ 全 All handmade. As a basic spirit, there is "sustainability".

Near: Yes. I said earlier, but now, the global environment, which is our "home" is a big deal, so "What can I do for that purpose?" Consider thinking. So, I am also a big scale, with a larger scale, with a larger scale, as a big scale, as well as the "Sustainabitian and Creativity", and in a big scale, a city and administration, and a little livable city I hope you will make a way of living.

━ て Very open home, what is fun to live?

Now: Now it's a corona, so a person who gathers a person is not doing, but before Corona, I had events and workshops at a pace once a month, so many friends come from the neighborhood or far hand. I work with people I met there, go to play, and my job, I have fun without a boundary.

For example, when I met outside, it is also possible to say "I have been going home" when I changed a business card, "Oh, yes!" (Laughs), I can not remember when I came to a lot Because there is sometimes. So I know it's a person who is meeting at home once, I'm easy to work, and I'm easy to work, but it's fun to be able to work with those who want to meet at home as well as such surfaces. is.

居 居 居 は 空 空 空 開 開 開 開 開 開 開 開 開 開 開 開 開 開 開 開

Near: Actually it is not new. The Edo period Nagaya or Japan's home was originally open. I think that I can not put others at home, and privacy I think that I was able to interpret the Western concept incorrectly after Meiji.

Originally, Japan's house had ambiguous areas like the house called edge and outside, and there was normal to come and go out there, so that the old-fashioned large city and community I'm just trying to get back to the present way.

The United States is also said to take care of privacy, while there is also a home party culture, so I feel free to call a person on a daily basis. If you don't put others at home, you have to clean for customers! Since Showa later, he made a mistake of privacy and imported, and the neighborhood has become gisgis. In recent years, I think that the share house has increased at once in Japan, but I think it is trying to get a connection with such people.

-It is a plan to introduce the person who is living with yourself in "Hamarevit". What kind of way of life is Kondo?

Near: How to live is not a year that can still be a year (laughs), the relationship with people, people, nature, people, people, people and regional relationships, good circulation, good circulation is not it. It is not only my work, but also a good circulation is born in the area of ​​life and spread, and I think that it will change the world in a little direction.

-What is the last life, what is important in a limited life?

Near: Steve Jobs was conscious of every day, "If today is the last day of life, I would like to really want to do what I would like to do today?" Also, I hope that Mr. Taro Okamoto's "Art is an explosion!" Words, and I hope I would like to burn my own possibility and die.

So I always think that "what you can do for yourself" or "I want to live out without limiting my possibilities." There is a photo work called "Life of Candle" of Sugimoto, but if you're a single robuse, I think "If you're disappearing on the way." I think that is a slight or short or thick, but I would like to make my luck, but I want to burn my own potential and die.

As a result, it would be nice if something left. Well, I think it would be nice if you could have a good impact on the world without asking there.

My Polarity Item BEST 3

Coffee cup with warmth such as handmade

Near: Coffee drinks every day, so I want to use something that feels warm and warm with someone's hand-made and warmter than the cheating of industrial products made to a large number of unspecified numbers, and I want to touch such things I think.

These were the ones who bought when the Indian craftsman was buying when he was doing a exhibition at the nearby lifestyle shop, and when traveling, the artist of Arita Yaku was made, and the acquaintance craftman made Things. I like things with a handmade craft. Because the acquaintance has made more attachment, I want to be surrounded by such feel and face.

Taguchi Speaker

Near: Living ceilings speakers are "Taguchi Speaker", introduced from a producer friend who is doing music festivals and outdoor shops. Mr. Taguchi who develops speakers in Japan in Japan and its own technology is created.

Normal speakers have a sound from only one side, but this is completely different and the sound is different from six rooms to 360 °, so it feels like the sound. Moreover, I am making carefully using Japanese wood. Ask Taguchi and let Taguchi-san, explain the sound of various speakers, explain the drawings of this house, "If you put two speakers if this house!" And the installation points in the drawings I got it.

Eco-friendly adidas sneakers

Nursing: Recently, I'm running for about twice a week and I have been running twice a week, so shoes I weared about 10 years have become Boroboro. When I went to Shinjuku, the adidas shop is in front of you. Adidas has recently been able to recover the environment and recover marine plastic trash, making a shirt, and asked that all this sneakers are made from recycling.

Now it is said that it is a circular economy, but from now on, the burden on the global environment is too large if you use a new material. So I'm thinking of buying a brand that I am doing recycling, and recently I have only buysed such a product. I don't buy too much clothes, but I'm wearing a patch on the broken part of the acquaintance and the sweater 's broken part, and I'm wearing it while reworking.

Brooklyn Museum to use

Near: Not only design, but also sympathizes to the idea of ​​using good things for a long time. Just as Japan's kimono culture can repair, this leather product is also made to repair it. All Maid In Japan, I'm fine if I lick it with a leather returned to the soil (laughs). SDGS perspective is also good, and it should be carefully made carefully.

So I asked the shop to order a notebook cover and a wallet. It was the first time I ordered myself, and I am using it carefully. Using about two years, it was familiar with it and the taste came out. The coffee cup earlier is also true, but I'm glad to use what I made properly, and I love you every time you use it. It is very happy that it is surrounded by a heart-passing thing that was made by human hands such as leather products, tables and photos.

If you are a notebook cover, I am very much using the notebook as an idea book, and the note used now is about the 30 books after Moleskin, and it is a place where I settled it to Life's note recently, but it has as the cover It is easy and inside is not good. It is also convenient to put in various ways in the cover. That kind of functional part, after all, I feel good and I feel and feel.

When I put out in a person in front of me, I said "That's good" or something. When I go outside, I always carry around and I am prompted.


Edit & Interview: Takafumi Matsushita