[Sustena leather]
Plant hanger L
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In the camp, you can put lanterns, hang vegetables, and sometimes become mug holders.


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In the camp or the living room

Leather [Sostena Leather]

that clears environmental and social compliance on a high standard and examines the impact on environmental protection and regional conservation activities on international standards. LWG authentication that is composed of brands, tanners, and drug manufacturers related to leather, and can only be obtained by companies that have passed all items such as energy, water used, waste management, and working environment.
It is now acquiring a certification as a global standard as a luxury brand.

The only LWG authentication in Japan and [Sustena Leather] was developed and [Sustena Leather] developed.
We succeeded in expressing soft glossy, different from smooth cowhide, to express a soft gloss that is different from smooth.


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[Table] Sostena leather
[Back] Original soft leather (cowhide)


[Table] Black
[Back] olive


Open state diameter 24 / string length 130 (unit: cm)
Weight: 75g

country of origin


This item is not eligible for engraving free campaign.
* Due to the structure, the engraving cannot be pressed after the finish.

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