"I just want to take it out"
Smart Wallet

Anyway, be thin and smart

The first moment I picked it up, I thought, "Thin!" It is a design that emphasizes the compactness that seems to be said, and the functionality that it is not only because Brooklyn designs it.
In spite of the zip type, it does not sound even if I put it in the inside pocket of the jacket and am a smart impression. It matches "those who were concerned about the zip type by thickness and size" and "Those who want storage power but want to have smart".
The color contrast between the French calf on the table and the original soft leather on the inside is beautiful, and it is finished into an item that gives the pleasure of using a wallet.

Minimal Wallet

The widely designed machi makes this wallet easier to use.
Because the storage place is understood immediately, the putting in and out becomes smooth, and even the gesture of the settlement is decided smartly.
All 8 cards (4-stage ×2) all 8 cards, left and right card back pockets ×2, coin purses & times;1, and a variety of storage space than it looks, we dare to make fewer card pockets. It can be said that it is a wallet that fits the present age while always keeping things in order and carrying out a minimal style "Do not put the thing in the wallet too much".

How to use freely

One-sided card pocket, without daring to sew the bottom, is finished in a movable. This does not limit the usage and achieves the ease of use that suits you.
Sometimes, you can sort receipts on and off, separate cards that you rarely use by type, or store banknotes by amount. It is a free design that thinks through how you can use it comfortably without stress in a limited space.

Don't worry.

The coin purse is an open pocket located in the center of the wallet. The frontage of the coin pocket is 8cm ·times; 16cm in width, and as a result of considering visibility and easy to take out, i make it without a fastener. Because it pursues thinness, it is designed to prevent the jumping out of the small change without having to put the fastener in the coin purse itself to minimize even the thickness of one fastener. Even if it shakes in the bag, there is no worry at all.
If there is such a frontage, it is possible to use it as a card pocket without dare to put small change.

Original leather lining

The interior is made of soft leather developed by Brooklyn.
As the name suggests, it is soft and has a very soft texture, so you don't get stuck with bills or cards. In addition, including the inside of the coin purse, i always make two soft leather sit together in any part.
The reason is simple: "I want you to use it for a long time."
The koba of each part such as the card stage and the partition is polished, and the sewing machine is done, and it makes it to make it so that it does not tear or peel off.

Stress Free

The fastener is used for the YKK luxury line "EXCELLA".
It can be seen that it is the highest level in both the quality and the style because it is called the lady of the fastener.
By carefully polishing the surface of each metal fitting called an element, the zipper is opened and closed smoothly, and it can be used stress-free even in important situations.

[BOX calf]
L zip long wallet
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BOX Calf has been known as the highest peak of cowhide since developed in the late 19th century. Caulflies are originally characterized by the beautiful skin, but among them, we carefully select the leather with fewer scripts and finish it to Box calf.
This leather imported from France is chrome tanning. As a result, by combining the flexibility and elasticity of the calf, and the surface of the leather is tightened to the surface, the surface of the leather is tightened, and it is difficult to get scratched, and it is difficult to break into the leather that is difficult to dye. You will.
By shallowly pressing the water shivo type, the light is disturbed and the BOX calf is a glossy gloss and a depth facial expression. By carefully processed, the shade is slowly slightly more and slowly, and further dignity is created.

Box Curf Navy is a Brooklyn Museum original color that is finished in a fit of Weston's lopy. Now, it will be a datest stock leasee, and a slight substitute for leaving. This BOX calf finished with a distinctive staining technology that can not be made unique in the current intriguole state. In order to make the gloss and elegance maximum, stitching is created with the same color, and the material itself is made more than ever.
Aging can be used to calm down and feel familiar with yourself. It is a leather that impresses the expression "" in various scenes.


Part number



[Table] BOX calf (cowhide)
[Interior] Original Soft Leather (Cowhide)


[Table] Navy
[Interior] Navy
[Stitch] Navy


Vertical 9 × horizontal 18.5 × Machi 1 (unit: cm)

country of origin


"I want to remove it."
Smart wallet

Anyway, thin and smart

First of all, the moment I picked up, "thin!" And it is a design that seems to be "not only" because Brooklyn is designed.
Despite the zip type, it is a smart impression that it sounds in the inside pocket of the jacket. "If you are concerned about Zip type with thickness and size" "I want storage power, but you want to be smart but want to be smart".The french calf in the table and the color contrast with the inner original soft leather are beautiful and finished into items that give the pleasure of using the wallet.

Minimalium wallet

A widely designed Machi has made the ease of use of this wallet.
Since the storage location is immediately understood, the out-of-pack will be smooth and it depends on the gesture of the settlement.
Card (4-stage × 2) All 8 sheets, left and right card partial back pockets × 2, coin purse × 1 and more of the viewing space, and have a smaller card pocket. Always organize and saying "I do not put anything on the wallet too much" It can be said that it is a modernized wallet that penetrates the minimal style.

How to use is free

One side card pocket does not sew the lower part and finish it movably. This makes use of the usage and realizes the usability that matches itself.
Sometimes, sort the receipt on and off, divide the card to be used in rare cases by type, and store bills for each amount. It is a free design that removed or thinking about how to use it with a limited space and feel comfortably.


Coin purse is an open pocket located at the center of the wallet. The inlet of the change pocket is vertical 8 cm × 16 cm wide, and as a result of considering visibility and ease of extraction, fastener is made without attachment. Since it is pursuing the thinness, it is designed to prevent a change of change without a fastener in order to minimize the thickness of one fastener. Even if you shake in the bag, you do not worry at all.
If there is only this, if you don't get a change, you can use it as a card pocket.

Lining is original leather

Using for interior software leather that Brooklyn has developed its own. As the name is soft, soft and very touching good texture, the bills and cards can not be caught.
In addition, we always have two soft leather, including the inside of coin purse. The reason is simply, "I would like to use for a long time".
Card stages and partitions, such as one part of the parts of parts are polished, making sewing machines, and making them not to break or peel off.

Stress Free

Use the YKK luxury line "Excella" in the fastener.
It is also referred to as the "Fastener's Lady", and it can be seen that both quality and style are the best classes.
By carefully polishing one of the fittings called elements called elements, the open and close closing of the fasteners will be smooth and you can use stress free even in important scenes.

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※ Because it is not possible to press the engraving after the structure.
Shipping fee will be delivered for free.

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