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About persimmon dyeing

About color crocodile

LEATHER [Astring-dyed crocodile]

Among crocodiles, good plaques (scales) and high quality leather conditions are "Nile Crocodile", which is very highly rated around the world. Because one size is small, the number of items that can be taken is small.
If it is a long wallet, you can only create a "one from one croco", and the breath is made without thinking about that beauty. A highly rarity of Nile Crocodile is dyed with the dyeing technology "Ashi dye" inherited from ancient times in Japan, and this series combining Wagy-Cattle Leather "Yamato" characterized by fine-grained touch.
For many years, repeated trial and error, and the texture of outstanding Japan's technology was collected, the texture of "Astra-dyed crocodile" has attracted many "leather lovers".

The steps of tanning to take a long time and the finishing process requiring skilled techniques, so the unevenness of the plaque (pattern) floats, so depth is born in the color, and aging that changes the impression by the angle looking like a dumpling. It gives me a depth.
In addition to "rareness of materials" that increases year by year, only a few seconds of crazy "advanced dyeing technology". However, it is necessary to express the staining of crocodile that is considered difficult by a more advanced dyeing method, and thorough quality management that only a limited craftsman is allowed to involve the worthy Is.
Therefore, the fact that mass production can not be produced and the number of items that can be produced annually is limited. It is a gem that can enjoy the high quality of Japanese technology while feeling the goodness of the texture material itself.

Even while cashing is in progress, it is an adult courtesy to hold the bill and card carefully.
Best × 2, card pocket × 6, storage pocket × 2 storage power, and it is best not to put a coin pocket and not.coin purseYou can handle separately and make a smarter of parking and a little payment.
By setting the height lower than the basic two-fold wallet, it has a further compact impression. Japanese yen and overseas banknotes can be stored beautifully and smart. It is a simple elegant wallet.


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581528 cm


[Table] Astream-dyed crocodile (crocodile leather)
[Medium] Yamato (Cowhide)
[Interior] Original Soft Leather (Cowhide)


[Table] Camel
[Upper stage, interior, stitch] yellow


Vertical 9 × horizontal 11.5 (unit: cm)

country of origin


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