Throw Machi Card Case
Color: Camel
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It is a business card that is recommended for employees and people who meet people. When changing business cards with many people with parties and dinners, etc., the business cards will increase from the other party as well as the business card. In that case, you can sort the front pocket before the main pocket and the cubsepet. The business card can be stored about 60 sheets, about 20 sheets if it is a plastic card.
When the amount of storage is low, it can be used thinly by the stretch of macha, so it can be used for almighty and is an optimal item as a present.

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LEATHER [Crocodile]

Brooklyn Museum's crocodile series uses Nile Crocodile to all.
Among crocodiles, well-balanced ignition (scaling) and good quality leather condition, Nile Crocodile, which is very highly rated around the world, is small, because one size is small, so the number of items that can be taken is small. Therefore, it is true that mass production can not be produced and the number of items that can be produced annually is also limited.
Since the steps of tanning to take a long time and the finishing process requiring skilled technology, the unevenness of the) floats vividly, so depth of depth of the color is born and the difference in the aging change with the unevenness is depth. It gives me.

Brooklyn Museum's unique coloring-specific coloring vivid color crocodile is to enjoy aging, so to finish mat. This finish is characterized by the fact that the tint is deeply changed, and nature and gloss are born.
Only black is to express crocodile-like strength and presence, and grazing (stress sparkling process) finish. The first step enjoys beautiful gloss, so the gratitude is calm enough to use, so the second step can enjoy the matte texture.
Even if it says crocodile, a rare material with various expressions for each individual or color.
Please select the item that matches yourself for many years.


Part number

581434 cm


[Table] crocodile (crocodile leather)
[Medium] BOX Curf (Cowhide)
[Interior] Original Soft Leather (Cowhide)


[Table] Camel
[Medium] Camel
[Interior] Beige
[Stitch] Brown


Vertical 7.5 × horizontal 11 (unit: cm)

country of origin


Color variation

Dark brown





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