due to the Brooklyn Museum to the patronage I received, thank you.

In recent years, raw hides and skins prices of repeated surging in addition to other raw materials such as rising continues, and
leather goods also affects the price and more.
We price to maintain an effort to the companies efforts at price maintenance is a difficult situation, from
product quality to maintain and improve on some of the goods price changes allowed too much time to read and understand.

You can,you can,following the due date of the new price the transition will be.
Details do you have any questions about the contact form from now on..

From the many years to come wear it to deliver the goods to,in order to further seek to improve the quality of providing convenient and highly productive PKI solutions for organizations of all sizes..
In the future, abiding patronage, thank you.

【Price revision date】
2019 and 4 September 21(sun.)
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