WORKS - 日本から世界へ〈INTERVIEW #001 : LEXUS〉

WORKS - From Japan to the World #001 : LEXUS〉

Since our founding in 1979, we have been manufacturing with a number of brand...

Japan from Singapore.

It is based in Singapore, and continues to transmit the craft to the globally by the concept of "new way to craft beyond the sea". A premium gift book "the hounds gift collection Vol. 1" which huls released has made the leather tray of brorylyn Museum selected.
ドバイが選んだクオリティ。トヨタ・レクサスのセレクトショップにてBROOKLYN MUSEUMスタート。

The quality of Dubai's choice.BROOKLYN MUSEUM Start at the Select Shop of Toyota Lexus.

The TTA LEXUS is the world's first to capture Celebrity.In the "INTERSECT BY LEXUS" space where the LEXUS offers the proposed life style,...