I want to convey what it leads to even if I cannot meet right now.
I make form and, as well as words of thank you, want to present it.
Brooklyn museum sends the big love of such all of you in substitution for a flower bouquet.

Like time to go out to shopping, it is select with the happy color gift going up of the feeling.

Sold out
Sold out
Sold out

Furthermore, please let パーソナライズ does a gift card and send it together to a wanting visitor when you can help become the smile even a little.

Send "the photograph of the family and an important photograph" and "the message which you want to convey" to Brooklyn museum by an email at the time of an order.
I enclose it with a gift and deliver it.
Because you accept it with free shipping when two places of delivery is as above, please enjoy home shopping in peace.

▼I send it at gift card sample / postcard size.


Furthermore, the novelty fair to present ,〈 レザーサコッシュ 〉 is held more than 30,000 yen (税抜) to a visitor of the purchase.
The novelty which came out because it was Brooklyn museum that even a shoulder strap performed select of real leather as well as a body.
Just to put a smartphone and a card case in the shopping of a near area, and to go out; at the point of the looks with the classy feeling.
Because become the end as soon as disappear; by all means this chance without passing over.

The first 《 novelty 》

Because I reached the planned amount, it was finished.

The second 《 novelty 》

The leather performs select of lizard emboss, and let an edge work more; stylishly.
The color is three colors of [black / red / beige].
Which color it becomes is fun after I arrive.

Because I reached the planned amount, it was finished.



《 MOTHER'S DAY / パーソナライズギフトカード 》
○All of you who want after the purchase in an online shop

① After the purchase, "the confirmation [Brooklyn museum] of order contents" arrives.
② ①I attach "the photograph of the family and an important photograph" to の email,
Please reply in listing the message which I want to convey.
③ After email confirmation, I send an email of the finish confirmation than the person in charge and become the shipment.

▼The most suitable image size: 10cm in height X 7.5cm in width (resolution 350pixel/inch)
※The size does not reduce, and just send the image of the smartphone photography.
※The image size becomes the aim, but there is it when I cut part of photograph to print paper. I ask to confirm it by a finish confirmation email.

Plural 《 delivery free shipping 》
○All of you who had you purchase it in an online shop
※In the case of choice, I receive a collect on delivery fee by C.O.D. separately.


《 NOVELTY present 》
○The one that had you purchase it more than 30,000 yen (税抜) in an online shop
※Amount-limited. It should be finished on without what become the first-come-first-served basis.
※Size: 19.5cm in height X 13.5cm in width


《 free shipping & carved seal free of charge campaign online concierge popular 》 held
>>Specifically, it is this.