POWER WEEKS - キャンペーン期間延長いたします


It is the word that is shared all over the world.

What can I do to Brooklyn Museum now?
Weeks of asking.

The Aoyama head office is scheduled to be closed for a while.
We will take care of the health and safety of our customers and staff in the first half of the day.

Feeling calm wind.
To the town with the light mood fashion.
Gather under the blooming flowers.

Even if it doesn't come right now -- surely warm spring comes.
Believe so.

So, to enjoy the shopping at home at ease, we will extend the stamp / free shipping campaign to 3 / 30 (wood) to 3 / 31 (wood).

In addition, the online concierge is also started to feel free to be inspired by the site.
In particular, the staff will be able to respond to you by chat or TV phone.

More timely and free chat without selecting locations.
The more detailed details of the question, the coordination of the item and the fashion to suit the fashion, the best phone is best. * reservation system

There may be no points for the first attempt, but if we talk with us, I think that the feeling of uneasiness is slight.

Leather chilli. Color black. I believe people's chakra.

Arranging mind as well as body.
If "ahead" cannot be predicted, the more thing.

The business hours and the system are dispatched in HP and SNS every day.
I would like to inconvenience you, but as an action to protect yourself and the important one, I would be happy to use it.


Power week

Initial stamp free
Aoyama Honten online shop
* there is an article that is not able to press the stamp after the article. This will be outside the campaign. I would appreciate it.
Bag, belt, Zip Wallet, snap Mini Wallet, ID case, Lille, shoe horn
Items that can be stamped are listed on each item page. Please refer to here.

Free shipping
Online shop
If you would like to transfer the price, you will receive another fee.

Online Concierge
Reception time: 11:00 - 19:00
* no reservation required.
* depending on the congestion situation, you may have time to reply. Please understand it beforehand.

Line phone

Reception time: 11:00 00-19:00 * except Monday.
60 minutes free
You can book here.

Consultation examples
I want to know more about the size of the item I care about.
I want you to see coordination with you.
Please explain more about the material. Etc.