2019 The 40th anniversary of the company's founding, a generation change.
2020 "Change! Don't be afraid."
All the second generation staff
Half a year ago, I vowed to make it a year to enjoy change.

The meaning of starting now.
The future as an own name brand.

We interviewed the tailor, Masahiko Kusugaya.

Representative, craftsman, and tailor.
How did you come up with your own name brand?

"Actually, I had it in my mind eight years before I became a representative.
However, in addition to the branding of BROOKLYN MUSEUM, it is necessary to further improve management, training of craftsmen, leather development, and own technology.
While I was desperate to stabilize them, I still thought it was difficult. "

The best members are available.

“When I completely finished the generation change last year (2019), I felt ready to take a step. I feel that it is inevitable to start at this time.
Now, the staff, craftsmen, and Tanner who support BROOKLYN MUSEUM. I can respect all people from the bottom of my heart. It's up to you. That's why I started to move to start a brand that would be my own. "

──What kind of concept is your brand?

"At first, I didn't think too much about the concept, but what I would like to mention is "season."
This brand does not make the necessary cutting dies for leather brands, but uses a “hand cut” technique of cutting everything with a kitchen knife. This is because it is possible to finish the item that feels “good” at that time with the highest quality leather.
If you dare to finish without making a mold, the degree of perfection will decrease if even a slight blur occurs. It is also a challenge to yourself, which does not allow a slight blur. "

A product that feels the moment.

“When I imagine BROOKLYN MUSEUM items, I try to create simple and orthodox items with the spice of color, sweetness, dry finish, and express the depth of taste.

For MASA, I feel that I want to value the instantaneousness even more.
Do not dare to set a schedule, but express the emotions that spring up from time to time. Freshly picked vegetables and fresh fish. Depending on the day, we will determine the best condition and season it-certainly, cooking also has an artistic aspect, but tailoring leather may be a similar feeling. I say that there are many fears, but I also imagine that future. "

── Will leather come in different variations?

"The products that are in the works right now are mainly selected from leather that BROOKLYN MUSEUM has not dealt with.
This time, we picked up "Radica" from Italy's prestigious Tanner Ilcia company as the main leather.
The touch of paint on the sea of ​​clouds is dyed by hand one by one. Not only the quality of dyeing, but the quality of leather is of the highest class.
The fineness of the calf and the luster like glass.
It's a texture that everyone loves, not to mention leather lovers. "

Timeless and borderless.

"The other main leather is "Indigo dyed crocodile".
As you all know, this is a leather that has been loved by BROOKLYN MUSEUM for many years.
It is a crystal of technology that can be proud of to the world, made by Japanese craftsmen with great care.

A link between the new start and the history so far.
Links of artistic techniques that cross borders.

It doesn't matter what year, month or country it is.
I would like to express such a thing in MASA KUSAGAYA. "

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